About Psychotherapist Rania Michaelidou

Rania Michaelidou began her studies in Psychology at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Canada, were she has achieved her Bachelor in Psychology in November 2004.

In 2005 Rania has began her specialization in Person Centered Psychotherapy and Counselling at the Czech Institute for Person Centered Approach in Stafanikova, Brno, in Czech Republic. Rania has completed her basic and full training in Psychotherapy on March 2010 and achieved the title of a Person Centered Psychotherapist and Counsellor both for adults and children.

Rania is founding member both for the Cyprus Association for Psychotherapy and Counseling (CAPCPC) and at the Pancyprian Association for Psychotherapists (PAP).

Ever since 2012 Rania Michaelides is the President at the Cyprus Association for Person Centered
Psychotherapy and Counseling. At this Association seminar programs and training workshops are offered out to the public in Cyprus. Rania is also a PAP Registered Psychotherapist in Cyprus (Registration Number: 009-FMPAP-HE-F).

The Pancyprian Association for Psychotherapists (PAP) is the first scientific, non-profit, ‘umbrella organisation’ for all psychotherapists in Cyprus, founded on the principles of the ‘Strasbourg Declaration on Psychotherapy (1990)’.

PAP has been officially appointed as the National Umbrella Organisation (NUO) for Psychotherapists in Cyprus by the European Association for Psychotherapists (EAP), which awards the successful applicants the European Certificate for Psychotherapy (ECP).

PAP has been accredited and officially appointed by the EAP as its National Awarding Organisation (NAO) for psychotherapists in Cyprus.

Ever since 2006 ‘Rania Michaelidou  Psychotherapy and Counseling Centre’ offers Individual therapy, Personal Development, Group therapy, Family therapy, Child therapy, Couple therapy, Stress management, Anger management and Career development.

On 12th of May 2017 Rania Michaelidou received the European Certificate of Psychotherapy.

       Further Training:

1. 28th & 29th November 2015.  Participated in an introductory seminar ‘Experiential learning method of Focusing’, Organized by the Cyprus Association for Person Centered Psychotherapy and Counseling (CAPCPC) and the Hellenic Centre of Focusing.
2. 19 – 21 June 2015 - Attended the 20th EAP Congress, Athens, Greece 19 – 21 June 2015, ‘Gender and Psychotherapy’ (European Association for Psychotherapy) (National Organization for Psychotherapy of Greece).
3. 18th July 2015  participated in an Art Therapy Workshop - Offered by Dr. Schwartz Tal from Israel.
4. April, 12th &13th 2014 -Attended Basic NLPt seminar organized by the Cyprus Association for Person Centered Psychotherapy (CAPCPC) and OTZ-NLP &NLPt.
5. 20th October, Sunday, 2013 - Attended the Cyprus Associations of Person Centered Psychotherapy and Counseling (CAPCPC), 1st Colloquium “Managing Change”.
6. 23rd of November, Saturday, 2013- Attended ΚΕΟΘ – Family Therapy / Cyprus ltd. Symposium “Crisis and creation through dialogue -Building dreams for the Future”.
7. January 2009- Trained in Autogenic Training/ Trainer: Prof. PhD Michaela Buck.
8. Brno 24th – 26th August 2007- Attended a Conference: “A Client Centered Approach to Psychotherapy in the 21st Century – Searching for a sense of change” (Organized by ‘The Czech Person-Centered Approach Institute’ CI PCA Brno, Czech Republic).
9. July 1 – 8, 2007 - Attended a Conflict Management Course (European) in Poronin, Poland.
10. 11th -17th September 2006-Attended an International training course ‘All different all equal’; ‘Young women for a participative, open and diverse society’) in Groznjan/Croatia.
11. March 2007- Trained in Transactional Analysis offered from the Czech Institute for Person Centered Approach.
12. 11/06/2005 – 02/07/2005 - Trained to apply experiential workshops from a prevention program ‘Communication within the family’. Kenthea Institute Continuing Education in Larnaca, Cyprus.

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